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About Us

Our vision is to support sustainable development, advocate good governance, and practice corporate social responsibility. Read more...Closing Quote


Our Team

EnviMatix consists of highly qualified scientists, project consultants, technical- and subject-experts who bring many years of formal education and rich work experience. Read more...Closing Quote


Our Services

  • Remote Sensing

    Imagery acquisition & digital image processing, image analysis & interpretation of multipsectral & hyperspectral satellite data, software training. See more!
  • GIS

    Data creation & conversion, spatial analysis & geoprocessing, cartography & thematic map-making, software customization & programing, software training. See more!
  • GPS

    Field mapping, ground-truthing, integration with GIS, & location based services. See more!

Who are we? What do we do?

EnviMatix Solutions Inc. provides technical and knowledge-based geospatial solutions and professional consulting in many areas of environment and natural resource management. Please view our website to know more about us and our services.

Our professional team consists of highly qualified scientists, technical- and subject-experts, and project consultants from North America, Europe and Asia. The wide knowledge and rich experience of our team helps to produce high-quality work and contribute towards professional excellence by combining both scientific and technical comprehensiveness in a business perspective. EnviMatix is committed to maintaining partnerships with our clients or building new business development initiatives by delivering customized, high-quality solutions in an affordable and timely manner.


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If you would like to know as to how our solutions can be useful to your project, please read more here or send us a quick question. If you are interested in availing our services, please contact us at the address below. Thank you!

EnviMatix Solutions Inc.
3028 L'Arche Crescent, Regina, Canada SK S4S1M7

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