EnviMatix Solutions Inc.

What are our environmental & geospatial solutions?

EnviMatix Solutions Inc. team consists of specialists in agriculture, soil science, geography, environmental sciences, geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, mechanical engineering, geomatics, and information management. EnviMatix offers many geospatial solutions and professional consulting services for various sectors.


Advanced geospatial solutions

EnviMatix provides geospatial solutions in remote sensing, GIS, and GPS. Our team has expertise in many industry-standard geospatial software such as ESRI's ArcGIS and ArcView, PCI Geomatica, ITTVIS ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, MapInfo, AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD Map, GeoMedia Professional, Idrisi, Quantum GIS, and Google Earth. We offer the following geospatial solutions in remote sensing, GIS, and GPS:


* Imagery acquisition - Based on your budget and level of detail needed for your project, we will help you select and acquire satellite imagery at the most appropriate spatial and spectral resolution. We have the expertise to handle and process satellite data (multispectral and panchromatic) from sensors such as Landsat 5 & 7, SPOT 4 & 5, IKONOS, Quickbird, MODIS, and NOAA at various resolutions.
* Image processing - We deliver image processing services such as: i) ortho-rectification and image registration using ground control points or using other high-resolution images; ii) atmospheric correction and histogram-based analysis; iii) combine images at different resolutions (viz. data fusion and pan-sharpening) and creation of mosaics; iv) image classification (pixel-based and sub-pixel level) and image segmentation.
* Image analysis - i) change-detection analysis (spatial and temporal); ii) image overlay and integration with GIS analysis; iii) image-data conversion; iv) image interpretation and resource mapping, v) computation of various spectral indices.
* Hyperspectral remote sensing & analysis - We also have the expertise to process and analyze datasets from AVIRIS and other hyperspectral sensors.


b) GIS (Geographic Information Systems):

* Data creation, acquisition, & generation - i) acquire geospatial data from public internet domains, commercial vendors, or through field- or mobile-mapping (GPS); ii) creation of geospatial data from scanned CAD drawings and hardcopy maps (toposheets, cadastral maps, soil and geology maps), air-photos, images or satellite data through on-screen digitization; iii) integration of databases or tabular datasets (census and demographic data) with geospatial data.
* Data conversion - Convert data from one format (e.g. .e00, .dxf, .dwg) into many other formats.
* GIS analysis - Multiple attribute querying, spatial statistics, geoprocessing and spatial analysis (both vector and raster) for site location planning, site-suitability analysis, geocoding, network and route analysis, terrain and viewshed analysis.
* Cartography & map making - Thematic cartography, map creation, development and illustration, printing and plotting of large maps, etc. at low costs for use in reports, brochures, and presentations.


c) GPS (Global Positioning Systems):

* Services - i) acquire geospatial data through field- or mobile-mapping; ii) integration of GPS data with other geospatial datasets in GIS; iii) ground-truthing and collection of ground control points for image registration or for accuracy assessment of image classification.


Data acquisition & data conversion

Our team of experts can provide assistance, logistics and technical support to acquire or create geospatial data, or convert your data (both raster, vector, or CAD files) into many formats required for your project workflow. We have the expertise and tools to convert data from many formats to the type or format you need for your project. Geocoding services, to convert postal code tables to vector data, are also offered.


Software customization & programming

We provide services and guidance to customize various geospatial software to your needs using Java, C++, Visual Basic, or .NET, Google Maps API, ESRI ArcObjects, Python programing. We can also offer guidance and technical support for configuring computer hardware and geospatial software for your project needs.


Surveying & field work

We assist with surveying and field-data collection, renting surveying and navigation equipment, consultancy and logistical support for field design and data collection. We can train personnel in the use of GPS, total station, field spectrometers, and LAI meters.


Data analysis & report writing

We assist in data analysis (both statistical and spatial), graphing and report generation, map design, and scientific or technical report writing.


Software training

We impart training in theoretical aspects and working knowledge of GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing technology. We also provide training and technical support for many popular and industry-standard software such as ESRI® ArcGIS, ITTVIS® ENVI, PCI® Geomatica, ERDAS® Imagine to corporate firms, universities, technical institutes, and various departments with the provincial- and federal-government. We also strongly support Open Source platforms such as Quantum GIS, MapWindow, and GRASS, so even if your budget is limited we can still help you to complete your project! Please contact us to know what courses are being currently offered!


Software technical support

We offer ongoing and customized technical support to our clients who have availed software training or purchased software from us.


Software marketing

We are the authorized reseller for many geospatial software and data in the Saskatoon area. We can guide you to select the best geospatial data and software based on your project needs, expertise-level, and budget.


Internship opportunities

In Saskatoon, we also offer supervision and technical support for student projects at SIAST, Kelsey, and the Univ. of Saskatchewan at low costs. Our interns will have the opportunity to work on our on-going, real-time projects. We also help candidates to prepare for the ESRI Authorized Exam.


If you are still unsure as to how our services can help you, please consult with any of our team members regarding your project!